Quality Child Care services in New Jersey is a must for working moms and dads. Finding an "at home" service not to just babysit your children, but one that honestly loves the children under their care is not an easy task. Here at Child Care NJ LLC., your child will not only be in the hands of a professional care giver, but a mother who knows how to nurture and provide warmth as well as protection.
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Our Services include:
Infants & Toddlers
2 yr Olds Full Time
3 yr Olds Part Time
4 yr Olds Arts and Crafts
5 yr Olds Games & Music

My location is safe, secure and you are always welcome to schedule a visit and have a personal interview here at my home. We are fully insured!

I return all calls promptly and look forward to hearing from you. Contact me anytime!

"We have been using Carol Walker since 2000 and began when our little one was 3 months old and our second is now 20 months old. Carol is an amazing baby sitter. We have never for one second worried when our children are in her care. She keeps the children happy, healthy, fed, clean...and much more. She does nice projects with them, all age appropriate. Her house is immaculate."

Jessica Voglesong

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